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Easy to sign up and create a store
Low startup fees
Set your schedule
No need to store products on hand
Passive income opportunities
Need to learn SEO for best results
Need to know social media for networking
Platform premiums to use e-commerce functionalities
Shipping fees will cut into profit
E-com biz platforms
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Getting started
How to set up direct deposit with Wingocard?

The application process is super simple, and when approved your account details are made available so you can set up direct payments from online platforms.

1. Tap profile icon in-app
2. Click ‘enable’ direct deposit
3. Follow screen prompt
4. Confirm identity with Dropbox link
5. Submit and wait for approval!
6. Share your link with account details with your employer & get paid in-app!

How to set up PayPal as a teen?

While you’re not legally permitted to have your own Paypal account below age 18, you can still use the platform. You’ll just need a little help from a parent. Here’s how:

1. Ask your parent to open an account under their own name (Caution: It’s important that the account is not opened under your name. As a minor, it can have legal consequences and prevent you from one day opening your own PayPal account as an adult.)

2. Have your parent add your Wingocard as the debit card on the account. (Make sure there’s a small amount of money in the account.)

3. Once your card is linked, you can work together to make sure your side hustle payments go directly to it.

How to set up Stripe as a teen?

Stripe allows you to have an account if you’re 13+, but you’ll need a legal guardian’s consent to activate and use the payment portal.

1. Go to Stripe.com and sign up for an account

2. Once your account details are set up, a Stripe team member will reach out to you directly to get legal guardian consent.

3. The information they’ll need from you to confirm the account is:

  •  First and last name of guardian
  •  Date of birth of guardian
  •  Last four digits of guardian’s Social Security Number
  •  Postal address of guardian

4. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to link Stripe to Wingocard to get payments deposited directly into your account!

How to set up Shopify as a teen?

If you’re under 18, you can’t set up your own Shopify store, but you can have your parents create you an account that you can sell from.

1. Have your parents sign up for a Shopify account.

2. Once they have the Shopify account set up, you can either work with them to create your store or do it yourself.

3. Either way, we recommend using Shopify’s in-depth checklist for getting your store started (linked below).

4. Once your Shopify store is created, you will need to have payments set up.

5. You can choose Stripe or PayPal to process your payments.

  •  Learn to set up Stripe or PayPal as a minor.

6. Once you set everything up, you’re ready for business!

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