Pet sitting

Love pets? You can babysit furry friends and get moola for it!
Before you start
Flexible schedule that works with school hours
Work with adorable pets and get paid to play
Natural stress relief (who isn't happy with pets!)
Clean up after pets
Acknowledge that you’re working with animals. Scratches and bites may happen.
A lot of responsibility
Lower pay (exp. $7-8 / hour)
How to start pet sitting
While online platforms exist to find pet sitting jobs, they only allow users 18+ to create profiles (It’s for safety even though it’s a bummer!) All’s not lost though! You can go old school instead and ask friends or family if you could help with their pets or see if a local pet shop or established pet care business needs a hand caring for pets.
Getting started
How to set up direct deposit with Wingocard?

The application process is super simple, and when approved your account details are made available so you can set up direct payments from online platforms.

1. Tap profile icon in-app
2. Click ‘enable’ direct deposit
3. Follow screen prompt
4. Confirm identity with Dropbox link
5. Submit and wait for approval!
6. Share your link with account details with your employer & get paid in-app!

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