By opening your Wingocard Account and accepting these Terms of Service, you consent to receiving electronic communications, which include any disclosure, notice, agreement, statement, schedule of fees, explanation of services, inquiry responses, or any other communication regarding any account, product or service provided to you, including Promotional Programs, directly or indirectly, by Wingocard and/or Community Federal Savings Bank (collectively, “E-Communications”). You agree that we may provide E-Communications to you via email, via text message to a designated mobile device, or by posting them to the Website or delivering them you via the Application. E-Communications sent via email will be delivered to the email address registered to your Wingocard Account. If an E-Communication is sent via email and is returned as undelivered, we may use any other email address that we have for you, or deliver the E-Communication to you via the Application. You must notify us of any change in your email address or mobile device number by emailing [email protected] Unless otherwise required by law, you agree that any E-Communication will be deemed received by you when sent by any means set forth above.

You may withdraw your consent to receive E-Communications by contacting Wingocard at [email protected] The withdrawal of your consent to E-Communications will result in the immediate closing of your Wingocard Account and cessation of all related Wingocard Services.
You may contact [email protected] to request a paper copy of any communication provided electronically. Paper copies of electronic communications cost $5.00 per Account, which will be deducted from your current Wingocard balance. Wingocard may, in its discretion, close your Wingocard Account and cease all related Wingocard Services in the event of routine or multiple requests for paper copies of E-Communications.
By opening your Wingocard Account and accepting these Terms of Service, you agree that we may call or send text messages to you regarding your Wingocard Account using any contact information relating to your Account, including any telephone number (i) you have provided to us; (ii) from which you have called us; or (iii) which we obtained and at which we reasonably believe we can reach you. You agree we may call or text any of these telephone numbers using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. You agree to promptly notify us if you change any telephone number contact you provide to us.